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Ikeda Manabu, Meltdown

color and ink on paper, 2013

The labour of five months, Meldown was drawn in the wake of Japan’s 2011 tsunami and nuclear meltdown.  In Ikeda’s work, disasters—both natural and man-made—are captured in fantastical, intricate detail, and the staggering metropolis of twisted buildings and cancerous metal has detached from the serene and clean earth.  From the shore, a stag watches the island float into its own smog—a commentary on disenchantment with the modern technological world in which we live.

full exhibition review here.

photos of Ikeda at work here.

I always pack a pair of running shoes when I travel. Running is an easy way to exercise while away from home and it is an excellent mode of exploring your foreign surroundings! I love flying Frontier because you get to fly on planes that the flight crew refers to as animals. Puffins are my favorite so I was so excited to fly on Paxton the Puffin! keeping toiletries packing minimal I LOVE using the mini roller perfumes at Sephora. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my current summer favorite. Isn't my hometown just gorgeous?!

HELLO OUT THERE! So sorry for the MIAness of the Gallery girls. Houston Gallery Girl speaking and I have a lot to update on! This summer has been a whirlwind with my other job as a nanny, I went home for my brother’s graduation, now I am getting back to normalcy with my schedule at the Gallery.

Thanks for your patience folks, let’s get to it!

I set out for Adventure a couple weeks ago to my home state, UTAH! I love coming home in the summer, especially the month of June. It is my favorite month to be in Utah…maybe because my birthday is in June? It might be my favorite month for nostalgic reasons but seriously I think Utah is the most beautiful in June. Everything is still green from spring, the temperature is warming up but not too hot. Wildflowers are just about in full bloom; my favorite part is the beautiful glow in the mornings as the sun comes over those majestic mountains. That glow makes me weak in the knees…or now days just really homesick.

This post I set out to give some Gallery Girl style travel tips:

Pack Light: Who wants to waste their time checking bags and picking them up after a flight? Don’t even get me started with the fees involved. I avoid checking my bags at all costs. This results in really light but smart packing. For 5 days I packed 1 satchel and one beach tote I got in Hawaii forever ago. I packed clothes that could all interchange into a different outfit by changing just one piece. That made for strategic outfit planning. Packing really light always makes for a good excuse to do a little shopping when you get to your destination too! Always leave room for presents to take home. I did some shopping at the City Creek mall with my mom and nana, J.Crew had an excellent sale going on…eep!

As far as toiletries go it is tricky to pack a lot of my usual essentials within TSA regulations. To overcome that hurdle I buy mini of everything I am packing-such as my Marc Jacobs Daisy roller perfume from Sephora.
 I also use Sephora samples for my mascara and other make up products. My hair is pretty low maintenance so I don’t worry about bringing all of my hair care products. I just style my hair really cute the day I fly out and it holds up on my trip for at least a few days. For the rest of the vacation a messy top bun is plenty cute.

To dress up simplified makeup and hairstyles due to light packing I brought 20’s style jeweled headbands similar this one at Anthro and super cute clips (such as this heart clip…which also is a broach!) to bring some sophistication to my look with out much work. Who wants to be in the bathroom getting ready when you can be out exploring anyways?

I packed 3 pairs of shoes: simple flats, heels, and my running shoes. I knew that I would be going to some dressier occasions since my brother was graduating, otherwise I may have even skipped packing the heels. Since heels are bulkier than my flats I wore those on the plane and had my running shoes on top of my beach tote. I am a firm believer in dressing well when traveling. My goal is to look put together yet comfortable. I wore dark denum, a chambray button up unbuttoned with a chic tshirt poking out. Houston is super hot right now so having layers for while going through security… aka sweat sesh, and while on a plane… aka freeze sesh is a good idea.  Don’t settle for yoga pants and a hoodie while traveling. Who knows who you could meet on a plane or what opportunities could manifest while traveling 30,000 feet in the air? While I think looking polished is a must don’t wear tons of jewelry when flying. You just have to take it off at security and that’s an avoidable hassle. Being quick at security is very chic.

I am so glad to be back posting on the Gallery Girls! More details about my Utah trip and my summer to come…ps that big pretty white building in the background of my city creek shopping spot? I got married there :) …almost five years ago?!  geeez.

woah! we disappeared for a while there!

Apologies, dear followers.

We have been pretty MIA lately!  Why?  For the Madison-half of this blog, I chalk it up to sheer lack of available time.  Turns out, working three jobs and taking a summer class simultaneously is really hard.  Who knew?

But, we shall be back in the swing of things.  The insanity seems to have plateaued!

Expect posts promptly, as well as HINT HINT a forthcoming giveaway.  (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more)

Madison Gallery Girl, Brontë

Poetry Makes Nothing Happen: Thoughts on Ai Weiwei from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (by vlogbrothers)

The next time someone stares at you and asks you why art matters, show them this.

Everyone is hustling and bustling at the gallery as one exhibition is taken down , boxed up, shipped out, and preps for the next one. New show this #Saturday titled “Celestial” if you’re in #Houston stop by the McClain gallery for a #summery group exhibition. #boxes #thegallerygirls #bonvoyage #art #artgallery #exhibition #gallerylife #everydayimhustlin (at McClain Gallery) High-res

Everyone is hustling and bustling at the gallery as one exhibition is taken down , boxed up, shipped out, and preps for the next one. New show this #Saturday titled “Celestial” if you’re in #Houston stop by the McClain gallery for a #summery group exhibition. #boxes #thegallerygirls #bonvoyage #art #artgallery #exhibition #gallerylife #everydayimhustlin (at McClain Gallery)